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40 acres Deferred Group show

  • Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center (map)

Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) is proud to announce Forty Acres Deferred, a mixed media group show on display from October 12, 2018- January 18, 2019. Forty Acres Deferred is in conjunction with Vivid Gallery’s 7/8…9 on display from October 12- November 17, 2018.

About Forty Acres Deferred and 7/8…9

Both exhibitions are mixed media, highlighting narratives of the Black American suburban experience. Black Americans are presented frequently as homogeneous urban people in mass media; this show challenges that notion by presenting nuanced representations of the Black experience in suburban settings. The exhibitions look to investigate how we define the “American Dream” and if the pursuit of that aspiration incorporates elements that affirm our Blackness. The exhibition engages other other unifying themes, including:

migration, place-making, regional identity, family, political incorporation, education, and childhood.

Curators Maleke Glee (PGAAMCC) and Terence Nicholson (Vivid) will focus on the compositional aspects of each piece, which lend symbolic meaning to the subject. Compositional styles and mediums in works of art are intentional and speak to Black American history, culture, communities, rituals, and lifestyles. In these exhibitions, we want to lend a discourse across the region, one that

seperates the intentional migration of Black Americans into suburbia from the displacement of Black Americans from the urban landscape. The connections between these demographic shifts are rarely spoken in relation to one another. The exhibitions are produced in direct response to the massive displacement of Black Washingtonians and asks us to revisit the intentional migration to

occupy suburban Prince George’s County, and surrounding areas.